Matanuska Valley Christmas Bird Count

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2022 Christmas Bird Count – December 18

We are gearing up for a great 2022 Christmas Bird Count! 

CBC Counters
CBC Counters

Now is the time to commit to your CBC participation.  If you plan on counting the same area you counted last year, or if you are new to the Valley CBC and would like to participate please email Mat-Su Birders.  matsubirders at

Maps will be available at the December 14 bird club meeting 7pm at the Palmer Public Library.  We will review CBC process and forms, and have our annual members night with a photo share and flea market.  

The Matanuska Valley Christmas Bird Count is an over 40-year tradition. Join us for this important birding event.   

View the official National Audubon (continental wide) Christmas Count database.

Contact matsubirders at  if you would like to learn more about the Christmas Bird Count.

Sign up for a CBC area by emailing matsubirders at 

Count Directions with Areas and Team Designators will be emailed to all counters prior to December 18, 2022.

Count data will be reported via an improved online spreadsheet, phone call or email.  Detailed directions with the link for the spreadsheet will be emailed to all count participants.


2021 Count Forms — will be updated

NOTE:  Reporting information can be found in Overview document, Field Counter Instructions, and Feeder Counter Instructions; including spreadsheet link, phone numbers for calling in your  count, and email .


Mat Valley CBC Count Circle Map with 25 Areas – 3MB JPG

CBC Car Sign – 8.5X11 PDF 

A-2021 Christmas Bird Count Overview

B-2021-Matanuska Valley CBC Count Circle Description.pdf
C-2021-CBC Participant Form (Google Doc can be edited online- requires Google Drive login)
C-2021-CBC Participant Form.pdf   —-  this info is included in the spreadsheet.  You do not need to complete both.
D-2021-CBC Tally Sheet- ALPHA.pdf
E-2021-CBC Field Counter Inst.pdf
F-2021-CBC Feeder Counter Inst.pdf
G-2021-CBC Rare Bird Form (Google Doc  – requires Google Drive login) (can fill out form online.  see directions on form)
G-2021-CBC Rare Bird Form.pdf
H-2021- CBC Rare Bird Form Instructions.pdf


Mat Valley CBC Count History

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