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Matanuska Valley Christmas Bird Count

2023 Christmas Bird Count – Sunday, December 17

Count week:  December 14-16 and 18-20

Here is a summary of the Matanuska Valley Christmas Bird Count which took place December 17, 2023.
We had 30 field counters, and 18 stationary feeder counters. We counted 29 species and 3930 individual birds. The going was tough, as we had 6-8″ of fresh snow and few plowed roads. Temperatures were in the low to high 20s and mostly overcast skies.

There were no new bird species seen however, we did pick up one Townsend’s Solitaire which according to our internal records hasn’t been seen since 2009 and that may have been the only other sighting. Also a Great Gray Owl was seen on count day, with only two previous sightings in our counts history. A record high of 21 white-winged crossbills was set, the previous high was 12 in 2017. A high of 5 American Robins, the previous record was 3 set in 2007. We also got a rather high, but not record, Bald Eagle count. There was an unusually large “flock” of ~22 Bald Eagles spotted soaring over the Butte Snow Buntings, Rusty Blackbird, Short-eared Owls, and Gray- crowned Rosy Finches were also counted but, in the past, have been hit or miss.

Conspicuously low counts included Bohemian Waxwings, and Ravens which are only counted until noon, so due to conditions, maybe some of us got a late start and were slow moving. No raptors or other ducks besides Mallards were seen.

View the full report linked below under Count History.

The Matanuska Valley Christmas Bird Count is an over 40-year tradition.  

View the official National Audubon (continental wide) Christmas Bird Count database.

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Audubon Participant Guide on what data to collect on your Christmas Bird Count

Audubon Guide to Christmas Bird Count party miles and hours

2023 CBC Forms
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thank you to everyone who braved the roads!!!


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E-2023 CBC Field Counter Instructions
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